Method to get Wireless IP address from WR11

Is there a method to get Info from the WR11 via an API or some other IP based method to get things like IP address and Data Received/Data Sent.

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You can obtain information directly from a Digi routers via its web interface or CLI, see our documentation here:

If you do not have a way to talk to it directly, the best and easiest way would be to use our Digi Remote Manager platform which would allow you to send API requests to the platform and obtain such information.

You can get information about Digi Remote Manager here: and documentation is available once you are logged in.

If you have any further issues or need assistance, please reach out to our Support Team at

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You can get that information from CLI or via SMS (CLI) also.

If you have texting on your data plan, and the WR11 supports SMS.

Then under Configuration - Network > Interfaces > Mobile, SMS Settings:

Enable “Poll for incoming SMS messages”

Enable “Send received SMS messages to the command interpreter”

Enable “Enable command replies via SMS”

Set “SMS access level: Super” or what ever level desired.

In the table for “Allow CLI commands from the following SMS numbers.” Put in the number you wish to have SMS CLI - (I had to include a 1 before number, ex. 12025551212)

If you sent the command: pppstat 1
the reply will include the IP address

For Data counters:
at\mibs=ppp.1.stats.txbytes = PPP Tx Bytes

at\mibs=ppp.1.stats.rxbytes = PPP Rx Bytes

at\mibs=ppp.1.dlim.totdata = PPP total Tx & Rx Bytes