unable connect WR 11


in WR 11 transport gateway i installed the sim already. it provided the ip address also. but i ma unable to connect to the digi remote manager

Can you ping

Can you ping bbc.com?

What is the response to the “cloudstat” command?

i didn’t ping

what is mean by bbc.com

i didn’t use any commands for cloudstat is it necessary to use

IF you do not understand basic networking terminology I suggest you escalate this to your local support partner who can help.

if you have installed the sim and depending on the provider you may have to add the APN for the SIM

by default the remote manager is not enabled to collect to the cloud.

if you are on about access to the router remotely this would depend if the router is given a public address

this could be found by checking what address is given.

as nick said from the router you should check if it has connectivity by pinging an address on the internet

from execute command


check DNS is working

PING www.digi.com

make sure you can ping remotemanager server

PING my.devicecloud.com