Missing some generic samples from DC 9.62?

I am using 9.62 for a 37xx project. The sample doc I’ve seen references some samples that aren’t in the package (Samples\Tcpip\addp.c), etc.

These may have been added to the DC10.x packages, but from what I understand, 9.62 should be used for 37xx development and not 10.x.

Is there a zip somewhere which is safe to use and which contains the missing samples?

This is the doc where I found them referenced:


Thanks in advance!

That might be an old document. Where did you find this? And what samples are missing?

Everything here is missing in the Samples/tcp/udp directory. Did I not download the correct samples zip?

Generic UDP Samples
This group of programs contains UDP samples that work on any Ethernet board.
Keywords: UDP
Demonstrates ADDP.LIB, an implementation of Digi’s Advanced Device
Discovery Protocol. The programs in the Utilities/ADDP directory can discover
and change the network configuration of a Rabbit running addp.c. Works with
Ethernet and Wi-Fi only – not compatible with PPP.
Keywords: UDP, multicast, IGMP
This sample program sends and receives heartbeat packets via multicast UDP
sockets. Multiple sockets can be configured to operate at once. IGMP can be
enabled so that the multicast datagrams can be routed across subnets. Multicasting
is useful when information needs to be transmitted to a group of other devices. All
of these devices can be listening on a single multicast group.
Keywords: UDP, time, RFC2030
Demonstrate how to talk to one or more SNTP servers (see RFC2030 at
http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc2030.html) in order for the Rabbit to get a reliable
wall-clock time from the network. This sample based on tcp_time.c, except that
we use the more modern and well supported SNTP protocol. The results are much
more accurate, typically within a few 10’s of ms.
Samples\Tcpip\Tftp ftp.c
Keywords: TFTP server (Trivial FTP)
Implements a TFTP server that can send one file and receive into another area.
(The file system is not used here.) Eliminates all TCP buffers (to reduce RAM
footprint). Although the code stores the file in a fixed-sized block of root
memory, commented code shows how to store it in xmemory.
Samples\Tcpip\Tftp ftpclnt.c
Keywords: TFTP client (Trivial FTP)
Uses TFTP to download one file from the server, then upload the same file. The
file is stored into xmemory. Requires a remote host to act as the TFTP server.