netosprog - how does it work?

How does netosprog.exe work? I need to write a GUI for my customer that finds lost Digi modules and recovers them like netosprog does. The customer refuses to use a command line.

  1. How does the disovery work? Broadcast address? Polling every possible IP address? What?

  2. What is the upload, some sort of tftp?



I do not have a good understanding of the underlying workings of netosprog either, but I have included an attachment for an example utility that Digi provides with their JumpStart kits.

The sample code that Digi provides shows you how to write a utility that will discover and configure devices located on a network using the ADDP (Advanced Device Discovery Protocol) library.

This code example uses the ADDP library to provide functions such as configuring its network settings and displaying configuration information.

I hope the included code example will give you some guidance in your efforts.

1- udp multicast (there’s an addp library that comes with dev kit)

2- ftp client (microsofts internet ftp api)

Where did you get that zip file? I have searched the site looking for an update (there is a version of addb.dll that is much newer mentioned in other posts). The version that you posted can’t handle Unicode libraries.