Digi Discover Protocol


We have many devices with Digi ConnectMEs. They are all configured to connect to a server with a persistent TCP connection and so the 2 communicate using a proprietary protocol.

Whenever technicians install them in the field there is a set protocol they follow to configure the devices. This protocol is very predictable, and had it been possible for the server to know of these devices it could automatically configure them.

What I was thinking of was making something similar to Digi Discover which would effectively “discover” all the devices, send them a packet to change their IP addresses to a fixed server-chosen address, then connect to it and do application-configuration.

Where can I get details on this discovery and IP configuration protocol?


It’s a Proprietary protocol to Digi, so they don’t release information about it.

It’s done with multicast traffic though.

Take a look at ADDP. There is a sample application with source on the NetOS release CD. Just use LoadLibrary() if you are using anything newer than VC6.