command netosprog

I have a problem with the command netosprog. When I work with a new module, if I do the discover command, no module is detected. So I can’t upload the soft.

To upload the soft, I must use JTAG signals. Then, with the command discover, the module is detected.

I want to work only with netosprog command but with a new module, it doesn’t work.

Has the module an ip address from factory ?
Has the module a DHCP configuration from factory ?
Is it possible to upload the soft with a serial liaison ?

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With new modules there is a serial console interface on serial Port D.

If you connect hyperterminal (9600, 8, N, 1 No handshake) to this port at power up you can set up the units IP address to either Static or DHCP.

Once this is done you can use the windows ftp program from a command line to access the FTP server in the module. If you then use the PUT command with “image.bin” you can set up the initial program in the unit


Thank you very much Roy,