DHCP and static IP address

Hi all,

I’m using a Digi Connect ME 9210.

I have this problem.
During the creation of a new project, I can choose 2 options:

  1. Active the DHCP
  2. Use a static address

But I have 2 different behaviors if I upload the firmware through JTAG or through FTP:

  • If I upload the firmware through JTAG, the module behaviour follows what I set during the project-creation phase.
  • If I upload the firmware through FTP, the module behaviour does not change accordingly to my settings during the project creation.

In specific, the behaviour is the last I set ( using the web interface or the Finder Windows Application ).

  • 1st step: Start a project with DHCP option active, upload it on the module in debug mode ( through JTAG ) and the module works with DHCP active.
  • 2nd step: Start a project with static addressing, upload it on the module in release mode ( through FTP ) and the module does not works with static address, but with DHCP ( set in the last step )

The same behaviour appear if I choose different option starting the project: the release mode does not follow the option I set during the project creation phase.

Any idea?

I am jumping to a conclusion that you are developing using NET+OS as opposed to LINUX. If this is not the case. you can ignore the rest of this post.

When you load via FTP, a lot of configuration decisions are based on what is written to NVRAM (part of FLASH). What you can try doing is, assuming you have a serial console on your device, you can set the status of IP address acquisition form the console. But when running from JTAG, NVRAM can also be updated without using the serial console, by clicking OK to a window that ESP puts up saying something like do you want to save configuration info. That will save whatever charactaristics are defined in the ESP project.