Modbus 1.02 web update for DC rabbit 9.62

Hi there,

I was unable to update the modbus module on DC rabbit 9.62 via web update because it prompted me to enter the serial number.

What does the “serial number” refers to ? I tried to input my DC rabbit serial number and it didn’t work.

Don’t try to download the separate modules, these installations have not been reworked so they still expect serial numbers. These modules were sold separately before and had their own serial numbers to unlock them. Just download the integrated DC9.62 release from the website and it will have the ModBus module (and many others) already installed. This integrated release does not require a serial number to install.

I downloaded and installed DC9.62. I am looking for the samples for Modbus.

I did not see the Modbus folder under the samples folder. Could you help?

Thank you,

Chun Zhang

I had the same problem - i downloaded the new version of DC 9.62 and i see it has the lib for modbus but no sample code. I found the sample code in but when you install it will ask for the access code. So what i did is contact Rabbit and asked if i could get a serial number for the modbus module and they sent it to me free of charge. i am a customer of rabbit and have been using it for a long time but since they decided to include the modbus lib in the current release of DC i guess they did not see the need to charge for it. i did ask if it would be ok to give out the serial number but they asked me not to. sorry, but they where very nice about it and did say it was ok to refer people to them to ask for access the modbus sample code and i think you will have the same results. hope this helps as i know it is hard to use the lib with out seeing how they had intended it to be implemented.
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