Hello, I am new in this forum and the use of the rabbit microcontroller, I trying of use modbus librery and i am download dinamic C 9.62 but no have samples modbus.
Help, where can I donwload them?.


Go to the libraries folder, where you can find modbus libraries. If you go through the modbus libraries you will be able to understand how to use them. there are explanations in every library functions.

I had the same problem - i downloaded the new version of DC 9.62 and i see it has the lib for modbus but no sample code.

I found the sample code in but when you install it will ask for the access code.

So what i did is contact Rabbit and asked if i could get a serial number for the modbus module and they sent it to me free of charge. i am a customer of rabbit and have been using it for a long time but since they decided to include the modbus lib in the current release of DC i guess they did not see the need to charge for it.

i did ask if it would be ok to give out the serial number but they asked me not to. sorry, but they where very nice about it and did say it was ok to refer people to them to ask for access the modbus sample code and i think you will have the same results. hope this helps as i know it is hard to use the lib with out seeing how they had intended it to be implemented.

good luck,

Hi, I don’t speak english very well and in this moment i’m working, so I can’t explain better my answer. The code for the modbus add-on module is: 4J11W-0CD-2V97TH5

See in the same page:

Down of “Download Now”