Modbus TCP Libraries

Hi friends,

can anyone tell me how to use modbus libraries?

I mean the modbus slave libraries. because i need to use BL2600 as slave to communicate

Hi friends,

can anyone tell me how to use the modbus libraries to communicate with a task screen using BL2600

you lost me, first you asked about the Modbus driver now you want to know which driver to use?
If you use the Modbus driver you need to use Modbus addressing, if you use some other driver like, AB then you need to address for that driver.
You need to select a driver that talks the same language at both ends, its really that simple.
If you can not change one end you need to discover what is there and match it on the end that you can change.
You may need to go to the manufacturer of both ends to get all the needed information.

Well, I have now established the connection

I had the same problem - i downloaded the new version of DC 9.62 and i see it has the lib for modbus but no sample code. I found the sample code in but when you install it will ask for the access code. So what i did is contact Rabbit and asked if i could get a serial number for the modbus module and they sent it to me free of charge. i am a customer of rabbit and have been using it for a long time but since they decided to include the modbus lib in the current release of DC i guess they did not see the need to charge for it. i did ask if it would be ok to give out the serial number but they asked me not to. sorry, but they where very nice about it and did say it was ok to refer people to them to ask for access the modbus sample code and i think you will have the same results. hope this helps as i know it is hard to use the lib with out seeing how they had intended it to be implemented.
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Thank you for your reply. Are there many sample programs in it? did you manage to make the connection?

T P Rathan

Hi, I did get it installed and working - it works very well. the mod 1.02 has some sample code and it really helped a lot. if you change the no debug to debug and turn on stdio printing ( read the code to see how you set the debug and i used the number 1 for printing debug info to stdio. i was able to get it working on my rcm2100 and you could get it working with any of them - you will have to change the device specific lib to config the processor you want to use - but use what they have to see how it works – add the debug to the LIB files and step through the code and you should be able to get what it is doing - the code for rabbit web will work on any processor with out mods(just make sure you have enough memory) it works on both serial and tcpip - I am using the tcpip part for my project and it is progressing well. Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot.

has anyone done a protocol conversion from modbusTCP to modbus(rtu) serial with a 5700? i see the sample code for the bl2600 model, but it doesnt seem to play nice with the 5700.

hi! can anyone tell that how to achieve the connection between a device and PC by using MODBUS TCP/IP. i am using pic18f97j60 microcontroller for our project.