Using Modbus TCP/ Modbus Serial communication

Hi Friends,

I am using BL2600 for my projects. I need to communicate with Task Screen to get some inputs and to display some outputs on the task screen. I am using Dynamic C version 9.62. could anyone explain me how can I make the communication using Modbus.

I could not find any sample programs. Can anybody tell me if there is any samples with dynamic C

T P Rathan

Hello, Rathan
Please check the samples in below path

C(dir which you installed the DC):\DCRABBIT_9.62\Samples\Modbus

here u can find different sample programs. I think these samples will help you
to develop the application

Hello Abhilash,

Thanks for your reply. I tried to find the samples, but in the samples folder there is no modbus folder. I am using Dynmic C 9.62. But I could not find it. May be I need to update my version.

T P Rathan

Well, I have established the connection now

Can you give me your program to connect Modbus, please?