Regarding communication among BL2600s that are already on a Modbus TCP network

Hi Everybody,

I am using BL2600 for my projects. I am using Modbus TCP to communicate with a task screen (Task screen is Master and BL2600 is Slave)
I have connected 5 BL2600s (as slave) to communicate with a single task screen (Master) using modbus TCP. They are all displaying the values on the
Task screen without any problems.

Now the problem is, One of the 5 BL2600s must be communicating with all other 4 BL2600s. As they are all slaves, its not possible through modbus.
Because we can have only one master on a modbus netowork. Is it possible to use the tcp_listen(), sock_fastread() or sock_fastwrite() functions to
Communicate within the 5 BL2600s(which are already on modbus TCP network)?

Could anyone suggest any other ideas to communicate between BL2600s that are already on a modbus TCP network ( A Task Screen is Master and
5 BL2600s are slaves)

T P Rathan