modbus for BL2500 coyote

Hi friends
I am new to this forum. my new project is on Rabbit boards, currently i am trying to make a communication between BL2500 and some other device(Energy meter) working undere modbus protocol. Here i am using modbus library and i have started with the sample programs given. The samples are written and tested for BL2600 so i had made all the changes like port settings,baud etc. The problem is i am getting some response form the slave but its not what i expected i mean not in the form of standard modbus response packet.

Anybody have the idea about this problem.Or moreover anybody can tell me how can i make it stable

I am also new to this field. I am using BL2600 but I also need to communicate with Task Screen for my project. Could you pls tell me in which folder you found the sample codes for modbus communication. are you using modbus serial communication or modbus/TCP

I am sorry I am unable to ansewer your question as I am also new