Modbus sample program

I’ve a Rabbit BL2000, I want to do it a Modbus TCP slave. I use Dynamic C version 9.62.

I want to use the Modbus sample program : “Modbus_Gateway_Bl2600.c” (a sample program installed with Modbus 1.02 addon module) but I can’t compile it.

Some functions called in the “main” have no corresponding prototypes:
digOutConfig ();
anaOutConfig ();
digHoutConfig ();
digHout ();

A flag called in the “Modbus_Slave_BL26xx.LIB” is not declared : __brdInitFlag

In the LIB\MODBUS\ folder, I have the necessary Modbus libraries.

Does anybody could help me? Why can’t I compile this “.c”?

Thank you

That’s ok, I had to create a “Modbus_Slave_BL20xx.LIB” adapted to my BL2000!

Now I can send my analogic voltages via Modbus TCP! :slight_smile:

please tell me the steps to create modbus_serial_bl20xx.lib