Modem Pool Manager

Hello friends,

we have Acceleport RAS 8 ports on Red Hat Linux 2.1 AS.
We are using Java Comm API + RxTx to communicate with the modems. configuration is proper and the modems are working but we are having problem using the 8 modems as an intelligent pool. we need to

  1. simultaneous dial-up connections using the modems/telephone lines in the bank.
  2. need to switch between modems depending on the status (free/busy) of the modems in the bank for all the queued requests in case of failures.
  3. kill the process after a timeout if there is no response from a local/remote modem.
  4. reset the modem ports in case of failures or forceful ending of the process.
  5. capture the Modem-wise statistics such as failure/success rate, busy/free time, data transfer rate, number of retries, all the communication between the local and remote modem.

I would like to know if there is a digi s/w for Acceleport RAS 8 or any other tool which can provide the above functionality.
if not, is there any way to achiecve these by using some utilities/libs in Linux.


Digi provides modem devices and does not provide software for most of the features you are requesting.

The dm_admin and dm_gui utilities provided with the driver, do have the ability to reset a port. There are man pages available for more detail.

You may want to consider checking with your Linux support resources for third party software to use for modem pooling, error reporting and statistical information.