Modem Pool

My company has a Digi Portserver II and is looking to place it on the network and have realport installed on engineer’s PC’s that will allow them to use the server as a PC modem bank. In my research I’ve come up with a couple issues I was wondering if anyone else has found a good work around for. I want to have a pool of 6 modems that will allow 4-6 engineers access to at the same time, however it appears that I need to assiciate each PC with one of the Ports in order for that engineer to dial out in it. Does anyone know how to create a pool, using the PortserverII, without using a RAS server?

Well it seems that I have a problem first. I have a modem connected to the PSII to do testing…and I’ve followed all the instructions I believe, Set up realport according to the documentation and when I query the modem it tells me it can’t respond. I’ve checked all the cables, changed the modems out, I can see the port. So I’m a little confused. Anyone able to help out with this issue?

You can setup the PSII to use a pool/hunt group. The following link should guide you:

I think I’m putting the cart before the horse. Before I can get the Modem Bank to work I need to get a single modem to work. I was doing some more reading and it seems that there is a script that can be written to test a modem connected to the Portserver, my issue is that I need a little more guidence then the book can provide for the best way to write the script. I need the script to detect the modem, dial out and then connect to another modem. I can see this is possible but I can’t figure out if my script is right or even how to excute it to test it, a little confused right now. Anyone able to help me out I’d be very apprciative.

Seeing as how I had this orginally set for realport is it easier to just reset to Factory Default? If so, which is the easiest way? I can’t seem to find that in any of the books.

Sorry, I provided incorrect info. If you are using realport, the article I pointed you to will not help. Please log a case thru our web support site or call 952-912-3456 to diagnose further.

I did send one in. I’m waiting for a reply. Are you saying the Realport shouldn’t be used? For what I want I should just have them telnet to an IP address which is a modem pool? Interesting idea.

Realport is not a requirement. It’s needed if you require a specific native device on the os (com, tty). If you don’t use realport, then the doc pointed to earlier would be relavent.

This is getting pretty involved, so best bet would be to call Technical Support at this point so someone can walk you through it. Also, there may already be articles describing this setup in our Knowledge Base, so that would be a good resource as well.