Port Server II Modem Bank

It seems like such a simple question, but I just can’t seem to find the answer in the documentation. I want to use a PortServerII to setup an outbout modem bank. I have multiple modems plugged in and when addressed by their specific port # I can connect to them. I assigned a range of the ports to group 65. Now what do I do? Do I use the group # (65) as the port # in the application? Or when the first ports assigned to the group is busy, does it ‘hunt’ to the next port assigned to the group?


Please take a look at the kbase article at this link for 2 methods of doing this:

I was hoping use Realport running on pcs to connect to a group of modems attached to a PortServer II. I put the ports on the PortServer into a group, can I setup a specific (Realport) port on the pc to access the modem hunt group on the PortServer?

No, the hunt group will not work with RealPort as the driver takes over the ports.

The only way I know to accomplish this using RealPort is by purchasing modem pooling software to manage the COM ports.