PortServer TS 8 Point to Point RealPort

Hello forum,

I have a PortServer TS 8 and the application requires me to move it from being on a network with other devices/computers to a point-to-point network. I have two fully working Ethernet controllers on the target PC (running Windows 7 x64 Professional) and one is reserved for the connection to the PortServer.
When I attempt to set this up, the latest RealPort software does not detect the device, nor does the Device Setup Wizard or Device Discovery Utility.

I know the MAC address, but not the IP address, so I don’t know how to even ping the device.

Putting it back on the network with other devices, RealPort finds it. I’ve tried this setup using each Ethernet controller.

Does anyone have experience using one of these PortServer devices in a point-to-point setup? Any help would be appreciated.

If you are plugging the PortServer directly into the network adapter on the PC, you will need to use a crossover network cable.