Dial in Server - Modem pool and Digi Classic Board

I have a Digi Classic Board, 8 port Serial PCI card.

I want to use it as a Dial in Server, to accept incoming calls and gateway for dial up clients.

I have tried on Windows XP, it will allow incoming calls.

Pls, I need more information on this.

I have tried it on Linux too, no result.

If you’ve installed the Linux driver according to the documentation on our website but it isn’t working, what sort of error are you getting? Which version of the driver did you install?

I was able to install the linux driver, but I am using it with radius server, I can’t dial in.

How can I configure it to work as RAS Server

If the driver is installed and the devices are valid (i.e. ditty -a /dev/dg/dgnc/ttyn1a etc. gives good output), setting it up for RAS would be an application issue. As far as the modems themselves, they need to have DTR and be set to auto-answer. DTR will happen automatically once the application is running on the devices, assuming the cabling is correct. If you need further assistance, please call Technical Support.