Modified boardparams struct in -C Module


We have finished our application with the development kit. We need to save some parameters in the flash, so we have modified the boarparams struct as indicated in the documentation and the forums.

In our JTAG connectme, all works ok, and the data is saved and retrieved from NVRAM without problems, but when we try the app in the -C module, we get a hang/crash in the point where the custom boarparams struct is accesed.

We have recompiled the bsp, and have also uploaded (with ftp) the rom.bin image from the bsp/connectme sources to the connectme, but have no success.

I would like to know if it is possible to use a modified boardparams struct in a -C module and the way to do so. In the JTAG one it works as expected.

Any hint?

Thanks in advance.

Serial and part numbers of used material:

-Version of NETOS you are using.

version 6.3

-The JTAG module were the application works:

PN: (1P) 50000878-04 H

-The JTAG’less module were the application doesn’t work:

PN: (1P) 50000878-03 M -C

-The development kit .Extracted from the development board:

PN (1P) 50000882-02 REV:G
S/N: (S) V60634615