Restore Connectme


I have a development board with a Connect ME CF/W JTAG
and somehow I messed this kit up.
I tried uploading naftpapp by jtag, but when monitoring the serial line it does not execute.
If I disable NVRAM in the appconf.h file, the program starts, and prints out the info on the serial line, but does not start up a ftp server.

What happened? How can I get this kit up an running again?

Thanks in advance…


Take a look back about a year on this forum. Cameron posted a program that will reformat your NVRAM so that it will work.



Thanks for the advice, but I can’t get this program to run neither.



Since you are able to successfully run an application after disabling NVRAM, write a small application with APP_USE_NVRAM set to FALSE. Within the application call NAFlashErase(nvram_sector, nvram_sector). Where nvram_sector is the sector of flash used for NVRAM on your platform, the default for the ME is sector 34, for all other Connect platforms it is sector 70.

Once this application is run, rerun your application, with APP_USE_NVRAM set to TRUE. Assuming the problem has something to do with the contents of NVRAM the application should run.

Here is something else you may want to look into, assuming you wish to better understand the problem, is to set a breakpoint on the function netosStartup(). Once you hit this breakpoint step through the function until you get to a point where the applicaiton crashes or seems to hang. Assuming that the problem has to do with NVRAM it is likely that the ‘hang up’ will be somewhere in customizeReadDevBoardParams, customizeWriteDevBoardParams or even one of the other functions within boardParams.c.

Depending on what you uncover here you may want to read the data currently stored in NVRAM and compare it to the contents in a good, working module.


Hi Cameron!

Thanks for the pointers. I found the bug and learned the hard way about CASE-Sensitive :wink: