Module Joining

A quick question on getting a module to join an established SE network.

In the documentation I have, Doc #90033931_A in the section on Router Operation (pg. 29) it states:

The following events cause the XBee to perform up to three
join attempts:
• Single commissioning button press (see chapter 7)
• CB command with a parameter of 1
• Resetting the XBee (FR or hardware reset).

However when you go to Chapter 7, the table on pg. 81 describing the functions of the commissioning button it says if module is not joined to a network, one button press will wake an end device for 60 seconds and blinks a numeric error code on the Associate pin indicating the cause of join failure.

So which one is correct? Also, when I finally get around to writing code for this, assuming the coordinator (or another device in the network) is allowing joining, what’s the “best” procedure for having the module join the network? Pulsing the Reset line? Sending an ATFR or ATNR0? ATCBx? In our application there will be no physical button for commissioning, but there will be a software button to have the device join a network.