XBee WiFI Modules and commissioning mode

I use an external microcontroller to activate the commissioning mode on XBee WiFi modules. My circuit pulls the pin low four times, as if a button was connected and pressed four times. My problem is that the WiFi radios are really seriously unreliable about entering the commissioning mode. One time it works, the next time it doesn’t. I have tried every possible combination of switch-open and switch-closed times and nothing makes it better. I have even tried issuing a RESET prior to trying to get into commissioning mode and no dice. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. There doesn’t seem to any specification for the timing. I have tried everything for weeks to no avail. Does ANYONE have any experience doing this? Is there some magic timing or sequence of events between entering commissioning mode once, leaving it and then trying to enter it again? I am REALLY stuck on this. A whole product line based on the WiFi radio might go into the dumper if I can’t find a solution. Thousands of WiFi radios might never be sold.

BTW: IHATE HATE HATE the on-line HTML reference manuals. Give me back the PDF versions PLEASE? There are so many critical specifications missing. Like: How long after a reset does one have to wait before the radio is ready to be put in commissioning mode?

I know the WiFi module in “mature” product, and I sure hope it is not going away any time soon, or that there is something better coming along! This product requires WiFi and is already wired for the XBee footprint. HELP!

The commissioning line needs to be triggered 4 times within 1 second. Since you are doing this from a Processor, try using the ATCB4 command instead.

Four button presses in one second is pretty fast to do by hand. Are you sure about that?

Yes I am sure of that.


Saith gave you some good ideas. As for the PDF version of the manual, all of the Digi manuals can be downloaded in a PDF format. Check the top of the manual and you will find a link for a PDF version of it.

On the bottom of the HTML page there should be a pdf download link.