commissioning button current xbee

In the XBee guide there is the following statement.

Having the commissioning button enabled during sleep will increase the sleeping current draw
(especially in SM1 mode). It is necessary to hold down the commissioning button for up to 2
seconds to wake the module from sleep.

Can anyone give me some guidance on how much the sleeping current is increased? Published sleeping current draw is 50 microA normally, but what is it with the comissioning button enabled?

Low power consumption is significant in my project so I need to avoid using a commissioning button if draws significant current.

You can measure the current if you are using the XBIB. See details in the Reference Guide: XBIB-U-DEV rev. B.

Also see page 146 of the XBee product manual which talks about improving low power current consumption.

Thanks for a part answer.
I’m not using the XBIB. FYI I am using XBee Digimesh modules.

I think the page you are referring to is in the XBee manual, in section 11, Module Support? It talks about setting a couple of IO lines as output low. So I still haven’t got any information establish if the extra current draw is significant. Guess I’ll have to find a way to measure it.