Xbee3 DTR pin wake sleep current

Hi All,

I have seen quite a few comment around this topic but just wanted to check how much of sleep current is achievable (a ball park figure would do) with “only” following active or being used (rest all Input / Outputs set to disabled):

  1. DTR pin to wake the module.
  2. Commissioning Pin to be used for commissioning button.

I have read somewhere on the forum that people have experienced high sleep currents using DTR pin as means to wake up the module ? Reason being its probably held high all the time ? What uA values ones should except using DTR pin for pin wake purposes ?

I would recommend looking at Digi XBee® 3 Hardware Reference Manual

That is what the DIO lines can Source/Sync on current draw Max.

Thanks @mvut , I’ll have a look.