Simulation of commissioning button.....

On XBIB-U-DEV board (using XB868LP) SW2 is “commissioning button”, so when I press it I’ll receive on remote modules NodeID and corresponding address.
I’m trying to send AT commands instead pressing button:

to simulate commissioning button.

  1. why is there parameter range for 0 to 4 is there is only one commissioning button?
  2. which parameter value should I use?
  3. sending ATCBx using XCTU frame configurator I always receive “Status ok” answer, but in this case remote modules don’t give me any output message. What’s wrong?

The correct values for the CB command is 1 - 4 which indicates how many times you hit or toggled the commissioning button.

Some of the commands or response values require the use of API mode. Such as network status.

So it should be CB1, but no effects on remote node even if receiving “Status Ok” answer.