Read commission button status

I’m working on Digi xbee 3 micro module and using firmware version ‘300A’.

Currently sleep coordinator configured as,
SM = 7, SO:1, ST:0xFA, SP:0x2EE0

Currently end Xbee configured as,
SM = 8, SO:2, ST:0xFA, SP:0x2EE0

I’m using:

commissioning button: DIO0

What I am trying to do ?

I am trying to transmit data from end device using xbee.transmit() function and also
tried to read the commissioning button status in while loop along with transmit but failed to read button.
Our requirement is to wake up the device from synchronous sleep mode by using commissioning button and to monitor the status of commissioning button. So that based on the commissioning button status we can perform other operation.

Only one button is allowed access to user due to enclosure constraint.
Kindly let us know how to read the commissioning button status in user code when the xbee in synchronous sleep mode.
Please provide details.

There appears to be a group of you asking the same question.

Look in the samples for the XBee 3 in the PyCharm application. You will need to merge two or more samples to do what you want.

For example, the DIO, sleep and Transmit examples.