Module with no antenna attached. Is it ok?

I just received my 3 s3b modules with the u.fl connectors, but the cables and antennas will take some time to arrive. Is it ok to turn on this modules with no antenna attached just for test purpose? Or the reflected waves may burn up the radio? Ever happened to anyone ?


You may be able to use them for a short time frame without the antenna. But it is not recommended as it will affect the range and damage the module over time.

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Yeah. I couldn’t stabilish communication between the two modules without antenna but i didn’t even tried too much. Just connected one of the modules in a 5v to 3v3 converter and another in an usb explorer board, then i ran the device scan. will that may have damaged the part ?

No, that should not have damaged it. At lest not communicating. Now if the Voltage regulator failed or if it was connected back-words, that would damage the module.