Run module witout antenna

Is it OK to run the module without antenna connected??
(I’ve know that this might hurt the RF amp in some other equipment).

Yes that’s fine, but your range/reception will suffer accordingly.

i’m using xbee pro ufl and i have problems with the transmission. There isn’t work with the external antenna. It is very extrange. Is it possible that the transmitter amplifier crash? I receive ok, but not transmit from more far that 5m. But if i go near to the receiver the transmission is ok. it is an antenna problem??? what’s happend here?



i resolve the problem downloading the firmware from 10C0 to 10A5!!!
what happend with the 10C0 version???



Without going into too much detail, the 10C0 firmware version was incompatible with the hardware that you were using at the time. When you upgraded, 10A5 was compatible.

Please email Digi Technical support for more specific information if necessary.