Am I cooking the modules?


Out of the box, I’ve managed to connect just fine, and program the chips to my needs. I’ve then managed to get two modules communicating ok, just sending bytes. I’ve also range tested them with X-CTU software. All fine…

But when I disconnect the modules, and plug them back into the USB Serial board to check or alter the setup, I cannot communicate with them. When I send +++ they no longer respond OK.

If I’m cooking the chips somehow I’ve cooked a few! I can’t see how this could be happening. I’ve never supplied over 3.3V regulated, or got the polarity wrong, and I’ve been checking at every step. It is possible that while on my breadboard, the 3.3V supply wire has slipped out from its source hole, but is this really likely to kill the XBee?

I’ve tested the chips that I can no longer communicate with on my Mac with X-CTU on a PC, and it can’t find the modem!

Please tell me that i’m missing something. Any more details I can provide?

Thanks to anyone…


Communication with the radio once its installed back in the USB adapter will likely depend on how you programmed it while it was still in the XBIB.

What parameters did you set on the radio while it was still plugged into the XBIB, and what firmware did you load on the module?