Bricked / Dead Xbee? need help for diagnostic

Hi everyone,

I accidentally may have killed my XBee : during some manipulation yesterday, I might have done some misconnections (I mean one of the pins could have been in contact with some wire), so that the XBee module went kind of hot.

And since then, I’ve been trying to reset but no matter how hard I try, it won’t let me read or write anything in it with XCTU.
However, when I check the Enable API box in XCTU, I get this kind of message:

Communication with modem…OK
Modem type = Name unknown (Id = 9769…)
Modem firmware version =

And the led blinks shortly when I connect the Xbee.
I would have thought my module was definitively burned but with this, I don’t know what to think…

Is it dead, bricked?
Or is there any way to get it to work again?

Any help or suggestion woud be really appreciated.


Oh dear - I don’t like the sound of that “went kind of hot” bit.

Still, XBees seem to be remarkably resilient, so it’s worth a try. There’s a recent topic in this forum called “XBee Series 1 Firmware Update”, and within that topic an earlier topic is also referenced. If you check out those postings you’ll find all the recipes that people have come up with for getting apparently dead XBees back to life. Try those suggestions out, and see what happens.

If you meet with no success, the good folks at Digi support may have other ideas. You could send them a support request, mentioning that you’ve tried all the ideas here. Or just resign yourself to buying a new XBee…

And if you do get it back to life, please tell us what worked so that others can benefit.

Good luck!

The “API enabled” output you’re seeing is basically the same output you’d see if no XBee was connected at all, so I don’t think that’s relevant to the behavior.

As far as what to do, I’d recommend trying to write the 10C8 firmware to the module, with “API Enabled” NOT checked. See if you can write firmware to the module, and if not, its probably a bad module.

Ok Thanks a lot, I’m gonna try this out.

Thanks for the support!