Can't Connect to XBEE


I have a problem with connecting to my XBEE (Modem: XBP24).
After I bought it, it worked but then I wrote an old Firmware on it.
(Version 1081). After that I can’t connect to my XBEE anymore.
I use the Explorer Board. The power led is on and when I try to connect the TX led flashes for a secound. I tryied different baudrates and different preferences. When I click on the Text/Query button there is a message:

unable to communicate with modem

I think there is a Problem with the firmware, but I don’t know how to write the new firmware on the Xbee.
I hope somebody can help me, and sorry for my bad english but I am from germany.


I just tryd it again with activated Enable Api Button. Now I can comunicate with the Modem, but the I click the read button the programm don’t identify the firmware and I can’t update it.


I have the same problem,
I had managed to change the baud rate to 115 000 and then after a few more tests on the XBEE module i cannot seem to connect to the module anymore, is there a reset driver or anything else to do?
I already pushed the reset button on the dev board,
Reinstalled the drivers,
and even changed PC.
I do also seem to have some sort of connection with the API mode enabled.

Thank you for your help.

Matthieu R


with the XBIB-U-DEV board

You should follow the steps in this video to recover the module.


sorry for my late answer. But the solutions don’t work. I don’t have the Xbee dev board, I only worl with the Explorer board:

Having configured the XBee for 115200 baud, have you also configured the PC to send two stop bits? If not, that could explain a lot.