I did a terrible mistake

hi guys
i’m new with xbee modules… today, using x ctu, i’ve done a mistake: i’ve written an empty firmware: i selected a firmware and I wrongly clicked on “write” without inserting any parameter!
Now the module seems to be completly died, it’s now impossible to do anything with him such as writing, reading, testing …
I alredy tryed to change the baud rate but nothing happens… what’s the baud rate in an empty firmware?

I’ve no idea what to do, also the “always update firmware” checkbox doesn’t work.
“Failed to enter command mode” is the error!

This is my material:

  • 2 xbee modules code XB24-ACI-001 REV-B, one is working fine!
  • 1 funduino xbee usb adapter (it doesn’t have the reset button, in the tutorials where is said to push the reset button i put a bridge between pin 5 and 10 of the module)
  • eventually i have also a arduino xbee shield… but i don’t know how to use it for programming the module!

Is there anyone who knows a possible solution?
Greetings, Francesco

P.S. i’m sure i’ve forgot to say something… sorry :wink:

It shouldn’t be a problem… unless you flash a module with a firmware that doesn’t have serial port enabled.

Do you have “commissioning button”? (pin 20). If you press it once, module should wake up if it is in sleep mode. Pressing it four times, it restores the firmware’s defaults.

You can reflash the firmware on the module using steps given in the following link, http://todigi.blogspot.in/2010/05/xbee-obituaries-xbee-returns-from-grave.html