monitor I/O

Hello. Excuse for my bad English.
I have ZNet 2.5 Coordinator API, Version 1147. And several ZNet 2.5 Device API, Version 1347.
My application is a smoke detector and has a alarm exit of 3V (high). I would like to monitor this alarm and route to everybody end device (smoke detector) in my network.
Is this possible, without a microcontroller?
I have declared DIO11 (P1) as a digital input. I can already switch P1, but this helps me nothing. (Only for test the smoke detecktor)
How can I send the state of the digital inputs broadcast?

My second problem is, mine range test does not function. Timeout waiting for data, I dont see nothing else.

Thank you for every help!

You can set the IC parameter of the XBee module. This is a bitfield that configures which digital IO pins should be monitored for change detection. If a change is detected on an enabled digital IO pin, a digital IO sample is immediately transmitted to the address specified by DH+DL.
Then simply put the broadcast address 0x000000000000FFFF into DH/DL, meaning DH = 0x00000000 and DL = 0x0000FFFF

Does somebody have an idea, how can I solve this?

If an input changes I get a sample. What can I do with the sample? I send the samples broadcast to everybody. I would like with this sample to switch an exit high on every device. Is this possible?

Thank you to everybody. Will occupy me with a PIC.


Now I monitor digital DIO11 input.
I also get a message that the state of the input has changed. Yeah!
But how can I process this message? I would like to switch an exit with it on high.


You would need some sort of application to do that, one which would monitor the change coming in from your PAN, then send instructions out to the PAN based on that state.

On a ConnectPort X you would create some sort of app that does this via python. Without a ConnectPort X, you would need to create software in some language, that runs on a PC or Server connected to your Coordinator module.