move from 9.25 to 9.52 with errors

I’ve (unwillingly) upgraded my DC from 9.25 to 9.52 and am having some errors with my timerb isr vector compiling properly from the timerb.lib library.

I now get an error that says:
“Vector timerb_intvec undefined.”

and points to this section of the timerb.lib.

interrupt_vector timerb_intvec _TimerBISR;
SetVectIntern(0x0B, _TimerBISR); // set up ISR

I am using separate instruction and data spaces and was also doing so on my 9.25 version. Any ideas? Is there an updated version of the timerb.lib that i need to run with 9.52?

So I’ve tried it now with all versions after 9.25 (9.5, 9.52, 9.6 and 9.62) and none of them work, but 9.25 works for some reason.
This is the only thing that has to do with timerb in the 9.5 release notes:

Defect #81568 fixed. Setting FAST_INTERRUPT to 1 in separate
I&D no longer generates compile-time errors.
though I don’t see how that could be a problem.

I checked the Dynamic C Users manual and timerb_intvec is the appropriate term for that field of the interrupt_vector keyword. still don’t know what i’m missing.

Got it!

found this in the latest version of the SHDesigns timerb.lib

// this was added in 9.50

anyone know what it does? fixes the problem anyways.

Where do you add these lines? I tried in an example of using timerb with DC9.50 but this does not work…?