Using 'interrupt_vector <vector name> <isr routine>' in DC 9.62

I am using separate instruction and data spaces in a Rabbit 3000 project that I would like to add a timerb interrupt service routine too. It is the same routine I used in another project that did not use separate instruction and data spaces.

When I include:
interrupt_vector timerb_intvec timerb_isr

In my main.c file, I get the error:
line 179 : ERROR MAIN.C : Vector timerb_intvec undefined

I want this vector defined at compile time because I have no need to change it at run time and I want it to be fast.

I duplicated the timerb.c sample format by including assembler service routine right in main.c placing the interrupt_vector line in my main() function.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I set up a small project with just the timerb.c example and the stock lib.dir and it compiles correctly.
I am using my own lib.dir that has 2 absolue paths, one to the stock rabbit lib folder and one to my project’s lib folder.

Hello, Please check Dynamic C 9.62 user’s manual at the below link in the page number 206.

Mentioned that

“If you are using Dynamic C 9.30 or later, the _RK_FIXED_VECTORS macro must be used to conditionally
compile code containing the interrupt_vector keyword. For Rabbit 3000A and later CPUs,
Dynamic C makes use of the new RAMSR capability to make in-RAM interrupt table access fast. The following
code demonstrates the correct way to use _RK_FIXED_VECTORS so as to eliminate errors
regarding undefined interrupt vectors”