move from an XStream-PKG to an XTend-PKG

I’m working with a DIGI XStream-PKG 900 MHz modem which is connecting to multiple Summit Network timers through wireless connection in order to run a Biathlon competition.

Because one of the other zone competitions had some challenges with one of their modems, we decided to have a spare with each zone for redundancy.

Unfortunately, the XStream are end-of-life and we purchased XTend-PKG 900 MHz modems.

As we have tried to use the XTend, none of them will communicate with the Summit timers. I’ve already tried using the configuration software to read the settings from the XStream and write them to the XTend, but the settings are not compatible. I’ve also printed the settings out and tried to manually configure the XTend with the same settings both through the graphical interface and through the terminal commands. Neither enabled the XTend to communicate with the Summit timers.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what might help to get the XTend modem communicating with the Summit 1000 timer?

I should also mention that I have confirmed that the modem was configured for both network 0 and then later network 5. The timers were also set to the appropriate network.

I’m at a loss.

Thanks for any suggestions you might have!


Xtend modules are not compatible with 900 MHz Xstream devices. Its the “XBee Pro XSC” module that provides over the air compatibility with it:

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What settings on the Xtend are you trying to set? Did you try putting the xtend in user defined mode?

Yes, I’ve tried all the configuration options and tried to duplicate the original settings in the new unit. it still was unable to communicate over the air to the timer units.

Thank you for answering this. It was the same conclusion (modem isn’t compatible with the original hardware), but you were able to identify the correct device so I can forward up my chain to have proper purchase made.

Thanks again for your assistance!

What are the settings you are trying to set on the xtend?