Multi-screen over single session for Digi Linux

I am migrating a customer from SCO OpenServer 5.0.7 to RHEL ES4. They use a SCO utility (mscreen) to handle multiple screens over a single session.

Digi seems to provide a similar utility (DigiScreen; dscreen) with the AIX drivers (dgap). Is there one availble for Linux? Are the AIX Sources available/workable?

thanks in advance,


DScreen is no longer supported, and required special things in the driver to support it.

However, under Linux, you can use “screen”, which ships pretty much on any Linux distro known to man.

Now, “screen” only supports your stock “vt100”, or “ansi” type of terminal, it does NOT understand other terminal types, like “wyse60”, etc.

“screen” is a GNU app, and the docs/man can be found here:

BTW, beyond the limitation of “vt100”/“ansi” terminal types, screen is vastly superiour to either mscreen or dscreen.

thanks Scott!
I haven’t experienced the D-T’s for quite awhile so this is almost new again.

Problem solved.