Multiple routers sending io data to coordinator. routers need to be hotswapable.

I want to make Zigbee mesh network consisting of more than 60~80 ROUTERS. All routers have three digital i/p’s. The status of these digital inputs are sent back to coordinators. Coordinator has to sort data coming from routers and indicate which digital inputs are ON or OFF.

Network config is as follows:

C------R-------R-------R-------Rn. All connected in series. Rn-last one has to hop data thru all routers

Now first router has three digital i/p’s named as switch 1,2 & 3. Next one has three switch 4,5 & 6. n continued – numbered in series.

At coordinator end i need to sort data. Coordinator should display data such as switch 24 is OFF, 40 is OFF n so on.

How to sort data? How to code it in C/C++? what to use arrays to store data?

I need to do this in runtime environment. I dont want to hardcode macid of router into controller n get feedback. I need routers to be hotswappable.

Any suggestion? what shuld i use? to do get data n store it in runtime? Best suitable platform, Currently i’m using digi xbee S2C…

IF you use API mode, you should be able to see which pin is enabled and which is not along with the MAC address of that node. You are simply going to need to create a table that keep track of that based off of this data.