How to configure multiple Xbees (routers) with digital inputs in a mesh networks?

I want to make a mesh network consisting of 1no. coordinator XBEE and 75 no’s of Routers XBEEs. The distance between each router will be 60mtrs. Also There will be three digital inputs for each router. I want to address each digital input in series, e.g. Switch1, switch2, switch3…,switch’n’ (diginput1, diginput2, diginput3…, diginput’n’).

How to configure each router and coordinator, so that I can get all digital inputs at single coordinator?

That is as simply as setting your base module as a Coordinator (CE) and API mode Enabled (AP1). All other nodes would need to be configured as routers and have their DL/DH set to 0 (special address for Coordinator) or the Coordinators SL and SH.