MY (16-bit) address of S2 router as end node

S2 device, Router/API firmware v23A7, used as end-node. XCTU shows me a readonly MY value, which also appears when I do a Network Discover for the node. My two endnodes seem to have been given different MY values somehow. Are these values unique for each end node (if so, how are they generated), and can I use them as a 16-bit destination address in things like a remote ATIS command, instead of the 64-bit ones? As I understand it, using 16-bit addresses is faster. (true?)


The 16 bit network address (MY) is a randomly generated value for each node by the Coordinator and the associated parent nodes. This value should be considered as a value that will change.

The reality is that 16 bit addressing is NOT faster. Using the 16 bit address only allows for devices with low memory the ability to send data on the network. It is not faster at all. The only true way to guarantee which node receives the data is to send it to the modules 64 bit address which is a constant and unique value.