My Xbee-s2 is it bricked ?

I will make it simpler by mentioning what I have done in points.

Followed all the procedures given mentioned at

Instructables Website

  1. Take the module out of the interface board.
  2. Connect the interface board to the computer.
  3. Open X-CTU make sure Baud Rate is set to 9600
  4. Go to “Modem Configuration”
  5. Put a check in the “Always update firmware” box
  6. Select proper modem from drop down menu,
  7. Select proper function set and firmware version
    from drop down menus.
  8. Click on the “Write” button. After a few seconds of
    trying to read the modem, you will get an Info box
    that says Action Needed. At this point, CAREFULLY
    insert the module into the interface board.
  9. You may get the info box again a short while after.

It surely works but not for the other Xbee-s2 I have.

Some features which work in other boards, but not in the Xbee-S2 module which I think I have bricked.
[li]When I power the Xbee CTS light on XCTU Terminal page shown in the diagram is not glowing on this board.
[/li]The board does not respond to “Break-Reset-Enter” procedure done to enter into boot loader.


Why I hope it still works ?

I think it still works as When I power it I am bale to see a dot on the terminal . when I power this Xbee-S2.

Are there any points or methods to follow after this, Or its time to bring in the hammer ?

The instruction you show do NOT restore a bricked unit - not S1, not S2, not any of them because it requires the fw and Xbee serial port to be fully functional to work.

Try this series, which you also need to do very carefully. I have used it dozens of times on S2 and it always works (if done carefully) because it doesn’t required the XBee firmware to be functional:

If you’re doing the “Break-Reset-Enter” sequence properly (e.g., you see that sequence work with another module), then it sounds like you may have damaged your XBee module. Regardless of how you’ve configured the XBee firmware, or if you’ve performed an incomplete firmware update, you should always enter the XBee bootloader upon following that startup sequence.