Need additonal acceleport concentrator

I have a acceleport concentrator
P/N (P) 50000431-01
S/N (S) V 845 88801

and I want to add an additional 8 ports, but what is the new prducts that I can connect ot this?

When I search on the pn or sn I get no results!

Digi C/CON 8-port RS-232 DB-25

North America ver.: 76000218
International ver.: 76000219

Related link:

The 50M part number is a manufacturing #. Try searching on this: 76000218
Or you can find the additional concentrator at this link:

Will that be able to connect to the old hub?

Yes, they can be daisy chained together to add more ports.

Thanks, I was worried since the picture of the new units looks different then the old units.

It may have a different faceplate or something, but the functionality is the same.