Connecting Portserver II 16 to Concentrator

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Unfortunately i couldn’t find a solution here, although there is alot of valuable information. I think it’s because i’m unformiliar with these products.

This is my situation at the moment:

We have an operational Portserver II 16 (i think an older model, it’s somewhat smaller than the pictures i found on this site)that connects V220 terminals to a UNIX box. The UNIX machine is connected with CAT5 to an RJ45 port on the side of the Portserver. Because of the need for more connections we need to connect a C/CON Concentrator (50000598). My question is how do properly connect the concentrator allowing addional terminals and does it need configuration ? If more info is needed i’m happy to provide it. All help is appreciated.

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The C/CON Concentrator will only work with the AccelePort C/X adapter (it cannot be connected to the PortServer II).

There are drivers available for most versions of Unix on the Digi web site for the AccelePort C/X product.

Otherwise, you may want to consider the Ports/em module that will attach to the PortServer II “EBI” port allowing you to daisy chain more ports using the same IP.