Looking for manual / help for CN/CON-16

A few years ago I rescued an old DigiCHANNEL CN/CON-16 (PN: 50000031D) from the scrap heap, and I’d like to see if I can use it for a reverse telnet box for management / polling of some rs232 equipped microcontroller boards I’ve built. I’m wondering if anyone remembers anything about these boxes, or even better possesses a manual.

Here’s the run-down. After some experimentation I located the nvram reset procedure which is identical to the newer models i.e. Portserver 8/15 - hold down left+right arrow buttons during boot until the display shows “EP”. Afterwards I can connect to port 1 and login with root/nccon. I then assign the box an IP with:

set config ip=[ip_addr]

Unfortunately that’s where the fun ends. I can ping the box and get replies, but even after a reboot any attempt to connect to it over the network causes it to spontaneously reboot. I can however telnet to the IP address from the onboard shell (connected through a serial session). I’ve even been able to telnet to other hosts on the network from the management console.

Any information that could help me resurrect this dinosaur would be greatly appreciated!

The new name for the product is AccelePort C/X.
You can get soem information form the current web site here:

You can get older information here: