will classicboard function properly with ports/16em box's?

We Run a small POS and data system here that is become somewhat outdated. We currently have an older p2 running an older ISA based DIGI serial board with 16 ports on it Under a SCO install running a version of tinyterm. We have decided to make the jump and upgrade the server. We still have some legacy devices in operation and wish to retain there use. Mainly a older serial printer among other things. We got a new server and installed a 8 port DIGI clasicboard with a db25 ouput like our older card. Our Software vendor IS runing Cent os with a version of RHEL 5 on it. He made the comment that he did not think our digi ports/16em boxs would not work. IS anyone sure of this or used the 2 together? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The ClassicBoard and the ports EM box are 2 different products.

If you want to continue to use the Port EM box, you need to buy this card here:


Can i use a classicboard and get a fan out cable and just fan out to them instead? I ask this because i already have a 8 port classicboard that i bought in advance. We were using 16 serial ports, but plan to only use 6 now. Rest of terminals will be ethernet based now.

Yes, that will also work fine.

we have the 77000578 digi card. Will the 76000031 work with it?

Yes, it should work fine.