Which components to select

Good morning,

I would need to get a Classicboard with 8 serial ports to connect 6 external USRobitics modems to it with DB25 cable connectors.

Can somebody help me configure this thing so I order the right parts.

Thank you in advance.


Connecting modems to a Classicboard wouldn’t be a problem. The only potential issue I see is whether or not that product is supported for the OS. What Operating System do you intend on using this with?

It wll be W2K w/sp4 on an IBM x365 Server.

Also looking at AccelePort XP that seems more advanced.


Make sure you get the PCI version of the Classicboard, not the ISA version. Here is a link to the product/OS page:


The Acceleport XP would work equally well with external modems, and is more advanced due to it’s built-in RISC processor. This not only doubles the throughput per serial port the card can sustain, it also takes the serial data processing load off your Server’s PCU, since its done by the RISC processor instead.

Thank’s for the reply.