Configure ports and mpi

Hi all,

I have installed Accelerport C/X PCI with one C/Con 16 Rack RJ45 Concentrator. I’ve gone through the install via MPI and the Concentrator now shows AC on display.

The OS is Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS4, build 2.6.9-42.0.2.ELsmp.

I am trying to connect a PC via DB9 serial port to the RJ45 concentrator and have consulted the pin mapping for RJ-45 to DB9 PC terminal emulator cable.

When I connect thorugh the serial port, I get no response. I looked through the Diag page in MPI and see there are no connectivity signal on any of the pins. (I know for sure that my com port works on my PC)

What else do I need to do to get my PC connected to the server via serial?



The best way to check functionality of a serial port is via loopback test. Here’s a link that describes an easy way to do this:

And an article how to make the loopback plug (in case the one which came with your product can’t be found):

If loopback passes, you’ll need to check the baud rate of the port and compare it with the baud rate set on the terminal: ditty -a /dev/ttyxxx, where ttyxxx is the actual name of the device being tested.

If these steps don’t work, I’d recommend contacting Technical Support so this issue can be looked into in more depth.