Need help setting up older Digi Port Server II 50000309-2 F


I just bought a Digi Port Server II 50000309-2 F, I need help on how to assign an IP address.

I tried using DgIpServ.exe but the program states that it is ‘ignoring’ any responses from the port server.

I am using a ethernet crossover cable to communicate to the port-server running DgIpServ in Windows XP compatibility mode.

Any ideas appreciated.

Thank you

Dgipserv.exe is a utility for EtherLite terminal servers.
To assign IP address to a PortServer II, connect to port 1 using supplied RJ45 to DB9 or DB25 cable. Set serial port on your PC to 9600 8/N/1
Assuming you are using correct cable, you will see login prompt after pressing enter.
default user name password: root/dbps
Good Luck!

Hello Shatman,

Thanks for the reply.

I have the model that has rj45 connections on all 16 ports, there is also a rj45 network connection on the side of the port server.

If I know the IP address of the port server, can I use telnet thru the network connection to setup the port server?

Thank you

Yes you can. refer to command reference guide on Digi web site