Help, is there easy way to configure Port Server TS 8

Hi, expert

when i use wizard to configure IP address for Port Server TS 8, it is too much slow, the program is always be no respone status, is there easy way to configure the IP address? Thanks a lot.

Please see page 43 of the Digi Connect user’s Guide for Ip assigntment. Below are several interfaces you can use to manage your device once you have assigned an ipaddress.

User interfaces
There are several user interfaces for configuring and monitoring Digi devices, including the
following. Some of these user interfaces can be customized.
 iDigi Manager Pro™
 The Digi Device Setup Wizard, a wizard-based tool for assigning an IP address to a Digi
device, minimally configuring it, and installing RealPort software on a PC or server.
 A web-based interface for configuring, monitoring, and administering Digi devices.
 An optional Java-applet interface.
 A command-line interface available via local serial port, telnet or SSH.
 Configuration through Remote Command Interface (RCI) over the serial port.
 Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).